Handcrafted Jewelry

My little story

CollectionsbyTracy is a style of jewelry that resonates my designs of wearable art made with precious metals, and stones.

A little about me. I was born in Germany, raised in Ohio, and now I live in the beautiful state of Kentucky. My jewelry passion started when I was a child, and then later it carried over into high school. I first learned how to use the torch when I took a course in Auto-body. The class taught me control, and confidence among many other things. That was so exciting to me, so I continued to learn the art of custom metal fabrication. I loved how I could bend, form, and even melt it into wearable art.

I later started to learn all about colored stones, crystals, and even glass. I even took some online classes with Gemological Institute of America, and couple of metalsmith/silversmith classes. I was so excited to be featured in the Lexington Herald newspaper of “Arts and Life.

 I also love reading books and watching videos by fellow makers they are very informative and so inspiring. I am always striving to learn new techniques and designs. 

Many things inspire me to create my artistic treasured jewelry collections. To start with the variety of colors in nature, motifs, and animals that surround us. The beautiful Ancient and rustic look of jewelry gives dimension, and character to the pieces I create. Old churches and castles inspire me they are so fascinating. Their history, architecture, colors and style. While in my studio, I get lost in my own creative thoughts just like when I was a little girl.

Here I am today, a jewelry designer with limitless skills, and doing what I love to do. Come join me on this excitable journey of jewelry.

Start with browsing through my jewelry collection pages to get an idea of what you may have in mind. You’re sure to find a beautiful piece for a loved one, or perhaps a treasured piece that's calling out to you. Have a wonderful day!