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Carnelian & Fine silver Leaf earrings

Carnelian & Fine silver Leaf earrings

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Carnelian stone and Silver Leaf earrings. 

An elegant earthy feel and part of the Woodland Collection. These gorgeous fine silver leaf and Carnelian stone earrings are made from impressions of leaves that I foraged in my own woods. They are a unique pair of lovely earrings. 

About the stone:

"Carnelian is a type of chalcedony with a semi-opaque to translucent reddish-orange color. Its color comes from its iron oxide content, and stones may present a uniform color or be faintly banded. Its name comes from the Latin "cornum," meaning cherry, due to the resemblance of its color to that fruit; carnelian is reputed in folklore to engender eloquence in its wearers"

Care instructions:

  • This is a natural gemstone and can be delicate to abrasives. Please take care when wearing during strenuous adventures or swimming. Do not use abrasive cleaner on the stone. 


  • You will receive these gorgeous, handcrafted earring in a soft black velvet bag  

*Hand crafted design/shape/size by Tracy [Copyright © CollectionsbyTracy]

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