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Carnelian gemstone necklace

Carnelian gemstone necklace

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Carnelian gemstone nestled in sterling silver. This beautiful cherry red orange-colored gemstone reminds me of the sunrise or sunset. This necklace is part of The American Rebel jewelry collection. Comes with a 20" sterling silver wheat chain as pictured. The pendant is approx. 2" in length 1.5" in width.

Some interesting properties of the carnelian gemstone are:

  • Mohs hardness : 6.5–7
  • A powerful energy
  • Reduces tension and stress
  • Harmonizes with the environment"

Pairs very well with the color black or blue such as blue agate or turquoise.

About the stone: "Carnelian is a type of chalcedony with a semi-opaque to translucent reddish-orange color. Its color comes from its iron oxide content, and stones may present a uniform color or be faintly banded. Its name comes from the Latin "cornum," meaning cherry, due to the resemblance of its color to that fruit; carnelian is reputed in folklore to engender eloquence in its wearers"

Care instructions:

  • This is a natural stone and can be delicate to abrasives. Please take care when wearing during strenuous adventures or swimming. Do not use abrasive cleaner on the stone. 
  • Clean with warm soapy water. Ultrasonic and steam cleaning are usually safe.


  • You will receive this handcrafted Necklace in a nice white box with a random colored bow, and gift tag. Perfect for gift giving! 
  • Handcrafted in Kentucky in my jewelry studio.

    • Please keep in mind that this lovely piece of handcrafted jewelry will vary slightly from the pictures shown above because it is handmade versus commercially made. 

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*Hand crafted design/shape/size by Tracy [Copyright © CollectionsbyTracy]

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