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Rock Necklace Collection

Rock Necklace Collection

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Rock collection. Gorgeous array of stones and petrified wood that have been tumbled and made to wear for everyday wear. These one-of-a-kind stones are so beautiful in their colors, style and shape. Lapidary work was done by my friend Butch. Necklace length is 20”.

  • The petrified wood is much harder and resistant to weathering than the mud rocks and ash deposits of the Chinle. Instead of eroding away, the wood accumulated on the ground surface as the surrounding mud rocks and ash layers were eroded away.
  • Black onyx is thought by some to have protective qualities, making it advantageous to carry when traveling. It is said to be useful in fighting basic fears and helping to move beyond bad relationships--as well as to heal old emotional wounds.
  • Amethyst a semiprecious stone, is often used in jewelry and is the traditional birthstone for February.

Care instructions:

  • This is natural stones and can be delicate to abrasives. Please take care when wearing during strenuous adventures or swimming. Do not use abrasive cleaner on the stone. 


  • You will receive this gorgeous, handcrafted necklace in a soft black velvet bag  

*Hand crafted design/shape/size by Tracy [Copyright © CollectionsbyTracy]

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