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The Knights Templar Cross Collection

The Knights Templar Cross Collection

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The Knights Templar Cross Collection. Each ancient cross pendant is handmade by me. Inspired by the history and culture of the Knights. The beautiful cross pendants are unique in character not one is alike. In the medieval days they were worn by the Knights who protected the people.

History channel “The Knights Templar was a large organization of devout Christians during the medieval era who carried out an important mission: to protect European travelers visiting sites in the Holy Land while also carrying out military operations. A wealthy, powerful and mysterious order that has fascinated historians and the public for centuries, tales of the Knights Templar, their financial and banking acumen, their military prowess and their work on behalf of Christianity during the Crusades still circulate throughout modern culture”.

Each pendant comes with a black leather wipe cord. 

Thank you for supporting my handcrafted work!

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